It is our goal to make Will-making, Estate Planning and Business Succession solutions simple, easy and accessible to everyone at a fixed price.

Our purpose and reason for being is to help people secure their legacies in a caring, professional and timely manner.

Our lawyers specialise in the provision of estate planning advice, and our services include:

Estate Planning

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Blended Families

Business Succession

  • Family owned businesses
  • Non-family owned businesses

Probate Applications & Letters of Administration

Estate Planning

At its core, estate planning is about ensuring peace-of-mind. More than just a Will, estate planning ensures your family and loved ones are looked after in the most effective and efficient manner in the event of your death.

Business Succession

A succession plan is a strategy which determines the best way to exit your business. Utilising a buy-sell agreement, this is a legally binding contract which controls when owners can sell their interests, who can buy, and at what price.

Probate & Letters of Administration

Probate entails proving and registering the last will of the deceased in the Supreme Court. Letters of Administration are utilised when someone dies intestate.

Building Your Knowledge

We are committed to increasing understanding & awareness of key issues.
Here are some of our articles.

Children: Biological, Adopted and Step. Who do I provide for?

With increasing rates of divorce and re-marriage, blended families are becoming common in modern society. Clients with blended families may need guidance with respect to who it is appropriate to make…

Advance Health Directives - Question of Life or Death

An Advance Health Directive (“AHD”) is a document containing a person’s decisions about future health treatment and includes medical, surgical, dental treatment and other health care. You can either…

Dying Intestate – An avoidable burden

Dying without a valid Will leaves the State Government to decide who inherits from you, instead of your wishes.


Dying without a valid Will leaves your State Government to determine the allocation of your estate.

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