It is our goal to make Will-making, Estate Planning and Business Succession solutions simple, easy and accessible to everyone at a fixed price.

Our purpose and reason for being is to help people secure their legacies in a caring, professional and timely manner.

Our lawyers specialise in the provision of estate and succession planning, taxation, superannuation, trusts and asset protection advice  and our services include:

Estate Planning

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Blended Families

Business Succession

  • Family owned businesses
  • Non-family owned businesses
  • Buy-Sell Agreement 

Business Structuring

  • Company
  • Discretionary Trusts 
  • Unit Trusts 

Probate Applications & Letters of Administration


  • Tax Controversy, Disputes and Litigation
  • Taxation Objections - Federal  and State Taxes
  • Taxation Advice re Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, International Tax


  • Binding Death Benefit Agreements
  • Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements


  • Child Maintenance Trusts
  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Bare Trusts

Asset Protection

  • What is the right structure for tax and asset protection

Estate Planning

At its core, estate planning is about ensuring peace-of-mind. More than just a Will, estate planning ensures your family and loved ones are looked after in the most effective and efficient manner in the event of your death.

Business Succession & Business Structuring

A succession plan is a strategy which determines the best way to exit your business. Utilising a buy-sell agreement, this is a legally binding contract which controls when owners can sell their interests, who can buy, and at what price.
We can structure your business in the most tax effective way, taking into account your exit strategies and potential asset protection measures.

Probate & Letters of Administration

Probate entails proving and registering the last will of the deceased in the Supreme Court. Letters of Administration are utilised when someone dies intestate.


If you believe it or not, taxation affects every transaction, and the taxation consequences of a transaction or legal document should be always considered.

We have worked in taxation for the past 18 years, starting in Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers). After spending years in tax litigation in relation to the managed investment schemes we have concentrated for the last 10 years on tax effective asset protection measures and succession planning.


With more than 600,000 self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), there is a huge build-up of wealth in these funds. A tax effective and bespoke estate plan will include your will and a plan to manage and deal with your interests in Family Trusts and superannuation.
If your superannuation fund carries a life insurance policy, a relatively low member balance can have significant value in the event of your death. You need to approach your superannuation fund and complete the right paperwork to identify who should receive the fund’s assets when you die. For SMSFs, a death benefit nomination form must be completed to direct how assets will be distributed.

Asset Protection and Trusts

As a tax lawyer I have to say that tax should not be the primary reason for choosing a particular structure. A major consideration when choosing a particular structure should be asset protection. Having said this, taxation affects every transaction, and the taxation consequences of a transaction should be considered.

As a trust lawyer, people commonly use trusts to protect their assets. Trust is a fascinating concept; the splitting of ownership between legal ownership and beneficial ownership. I have lectured in trust law at University and presented papers locally and internationally on this topic. However there are many other strategies available or at least they should be considered.

Building Your Knowledge

We are committed to increasing understanding & awareness of key issues.
Here are some of our articles.

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