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If you die without a current Will your estate is administered according to a formula imposed by State Government legislation. This means that you do not control who benefits from your estate. Is this what you want? If not, then you are required to have a Will.

Why would you choose to have a lawyer draft your Will instead of using a DIY kit or writing it yourself? The answer is simple: just as you would use an electrician in your home or a mechanic to service your car, it is strongly advised to have an experienced lawyer draft legal documents, such as Wills. DIY Wills can cause many problems in the long run, which can be costly to your estate and may bring hardship or distress to your loved ones.

Other reasons why you may need to see us include:

  • Marriage or divorce – each of these can cancel an existing Will;
  • Recent birth of a child – does your existing Will include this new member of your family?;
  • Business succession – businesses need Wills too; and/or
  • Other changes in circumstances – such as retirement.

Nicht-eheliche Lebensgemeinschaft / De-facto relationship

Wann ist eine nichteheliche Lebensgemeinschaft zu Ende? When does a De-facto relationship comes to an end?

Children: Biological, Adopted and Step. Who do I provide for?

With increasing rates of divorce and re-marriage, blended families are becoming common in modern society. Clients with blended families may need guidance with respect to who it is appropriate to make…

Advance Health Directives - Question of Life or Death

An Advance Health Directive (“AHD”) is a document containing a person’s decisions about future health treatment and includes medical, surgical, dental treatment and other health care. You can either…

Dying Intestate – An avoidable burden

Dying without a valid Will leaves the State Government to decide who inherits from you, instead of your wishes.


Dying without a valid Will leaves your State Government to determine the allocation of your estate.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is simply a document under which a person (“the donor”) gives to another person (“the donee”) the power to act on their behalf: to stand in their shoes.

Living Wills

A living will is a document that spells out, in advance, the medical treatments you want when your medical condition requires treatment decisions and you are unable to communicate your wishes to your…

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